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High quality prints of most photos on this site (or on my Flickr site) are available for purchase in a large range of print sizes and in glossy, matte or lustre finishes.  Metal and canvas prints are also available. Please contact me using the form on this site or by email at matthewiphoto@gmail.com to order or discuss print sizing, finish and pricing.

Prices range from $8 - $12 per print for 8" x 10", 8.5" x 11" and 9" x 12" size prints.

Prices range from $15 - $20 per print for 11" x 14" and 11" x 17" size prints. 

Prices range from $35 - $50 for larger prints (16" x 20" up to 20" x 30").

Shipping/handling is an extra $5 (total, for up to 7 prints per shipment). Shipping and handling for 20" x 30" prints is $7 (total, for up to 5 prints per shippment). Not all photos are available in 20" x 30" format, but sizes larger than 20" x 30" may be available for some prints (at an extra cost).  Prices for metal and canvas prints are a bit higher than the prices quoted above for fine art paper prints.

Also contact me if you are interested in licensing one of my photographs for commercial use or if you'd like permission to use a photo for a non-commercial purpose. All photos on this site and my photoblog, and most photos on my Flickr site, are copyright protected, all rights reserved, and may not be used without permission. Some photos on my Flickr site are available for non-commercial use with attribution under a creative commons license (and are marked as such).  Several of my photos may be licensed for use by Getty Images.  Note: my concert photos are not available for print purchase, licensing, or permissive, non-commercial use.

Thanks for your interest.  I'd love to hear from you.  --matt